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    When striving for your personal maximum potentional, it all comes down to addressing these three areas: chemical/nutritional, mechanical/physical and emotional/spiritual. By addressing just one of these areas, you will see relief in the other two. Addressing all three will restore you to the maximum medical improvement potential. If you are looking for the maximum medical improvement, then you must do all you can to correct the factors that cause your condition. At TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of North Central Florida, Dr. Thomas Harter, DMD, will find solutions that give you control and to minimize the use of medications. He believes your body is an incredible machine that is designed to heal if we minimize the barriers standing in the way.

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    Is There a Cure for Chronic Headaches?

    The solution to curing chronic headaches is finding the origin of the problem. There are many contributors to this condition and an overall examination will help determine the primary sources so we can correct them. Chronic pain disrupts sleep and lack of sleep causes more pain, continuing the cycle. Nutrition and inflammatory foods must be considered as a contributor, just as poorly functioning parts of the body and a stressful environment that we live and work in.

    Chronic Headaches

    If you have been dealing with headaches for a long time, you know they can prevent you from doing normal activities.

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    How To Get Started With Your Treatment