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Meet Dr. Thomas Harter, DMD

Dr. Harter

Dr. Thomas Harter

Dr Harter treats the whole of you not just your tooth. After 33 years of practicing dentistry, Dr Harter has developed the skill set to evaluate your needs and formulate the care that provides the healthiest you. Dental problems develop for many reasons including: poor diet, improper preventive care, underlying medical conditions, accidents, bruxism (grinding of your teeth both day and or night) or clenching of the jaw, mouth breathing, dry mouth, poor nasal breathing, high acidity of the saliva, interaction of medications, skeletal deformities, improper swallowing and more.

When the “all” of you is considered in treatment the top priority is your well-being and fulfilling your personal needs. With advances in technology, we are now able to treat the cause of your problems and not just the symptoms. This approach leads to a healthier whole person and dental care that should last a lifetime.

Treatment options are also very important to understand so that you can choose what best fits your needs. We strive to explain your condition and what options are available and help you resolve any problems that may need addressed to allow you to move forward with the care you desire. I also believe in second opinions that will allow you a better understanding of options in diagnosis and treatments. This open discussion will give you the information that helps you make better decisions.

The world of medicine and dentistry is progressing advancing and this requires weekly to monthly courses to maintain the latest treatment options for you and your family. My office and the colleagues that that I work with consistently update our knowledge base monthly. It is an exciting world, and the results are self-evident. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your dental goals.

Practice Areas

  • Dentistry
  • Orofacial Pain Dentistry
  • Sleep Medicine Dentistry

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Thomas Harter is passionate about treating TMJ, sleep therapy and chronic pain conditions. Having experienced all three conditions himself, he has now dedicated his life and career to helping his patients overcome them.


Dr. Thomas Harter, DMD, received his Doctor of Dental Medicine in 1990 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. He completed a general practice residency in 1991 from Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. In 2012 and 2013, Dr. Harter completed seven residencies in TMJ, sleep and chronic pain. In addition, he continues in specialized courses for these treatments, accumulating hundreds of hours perfecting treatment protocol.


Before opening his own practice, Dr. Thomas Harter, DMD, served the US Navy at Camp Lejeune North Carolina from 1991-1994 and was honored to hold the position of Dental Officer in charge of the Fleet patrolling the Mediterranean Ocean, taking care of over 2,500 Navy personnel. Since 2012, Dr. Harter then practiced general dentistry in the private sector and has focused on TMJ, sleep disordered breathing and chronic pain solutions for his patients.

Personal Life

Dr. Harter relocated to North Central Florida to be closer to family. He hopes to start a family soon and enjoy all the beauty that Florida provides. Most importantly, Dr. Harter looks forward to providing his patients with the care that allows them to reach their maximum potential.

Live Life to the Fullest

How To Get Started With Your Treatment