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    Sleep Therapy For Children

    Is your child thriving, living to his/her full potential or are you concerned about behavioral, sleep, growth, health and wellness or performance problems?

    Here at TMJ, Sleep and dentistry, we evaluate children for the core issues that cause these problems. We want all children to live to their full potential and experience the best life has to offer. You may wonder why a child is unhealthy and have reason to believe sleep difficulties could be a contributor.

    Many times this is  the case as statistics show that sleep disordered breathing awareness or treatment  has not been implemented in our society. Up to 1/3 of children today have a sleep disordered breathing condition. Breathing is the number one priority for life and any disruption of this process sends alarm bells to the brain for emergency action to survive.

    These alarms are stressful to the mind and body and as this battle for survival continues the child presents with a variety of ailments. Take a look at the list below to see if your child has any of these conditions. If so, you can fill out the form and send it to us or call us at 352-203-4493.

    Proper Sleep

    Poor Sleep Leads To:

    • sleepiness in the daytime
    • mouth breathing
    • restless sleep
    • night terrors
    • bedwetting
    • dark circles under the eyes
    • headaches
    • teeth grinding
    • worn or chipped teeth
    • multiple ear infections
    • problems getting to bed
    • difficult getting out of bed in the morning
    • wakes during the night
    • snoring
    • difficulty breathing at night
    • poor grades
    • behavioral problems
    • ADHD or ADD diagnosis
    • sleep apnea diagnosis

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    How To Get Started With Your Treatment